Voted one of the best Haunted House screamparks in America!

Come spend the night with us and you’ll see what makes us number one. At our haunted house complex, you will get a full night of entertainment and have stories for a lifetime!


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We know how to scare AND entertain. When you visit us, we make sure that you get a perfect blend of scares and entertainment so everyone has a great time!

Our Mission

Line Entertainment done perfectly

Waiting shouldn’t be painful. Quickpasses are available to significantly shorten your wait. Otherwise, we have a variety of food and drinks, a full audio and video system, and roaming line entertainment while you wait. Take some pictures to share with friends!

Event Pricing

To ensure all events are fully staffed, all events are NOT open nightly. See our ticketing page for event schedule and additional details.

1 Event


Choose 1 from Adrenaline, Insanity, Phobia, or Trapped
2 Events


Choose 2 from Adrenaline, Insanity, Phobia, or Trapped
3 Events


Save $5 – Choose 3 from Adrenaline, Insanity, Phobia, or Trapped
4 Events


save $10 – 4 event ticket (may need to visit on multiple nights)

Add Ons:

quickpass admission add on


need to upgrade? only $15 extra to skip the general admission lines. feel free to upgrade at our souvenir shop or ticket booth
AXE throwing


Only $5 more to test your axe throwing skills