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General Questions

No, we close the ticket booth at the posted hours, but the haunted houses close when the line ends. Just note that there may be situations on slow nights that everything closes at the posted time and you may be refused entry, so be sure to come at least 60 minutes prior to closing time to ensure entry if you are going through multiple haunted houses.

No, in order to be sure we are fully staffed, we’ve chosen to close one of the haunted houses nightly. See Ticket Info page for the schedule.

Typically the shortest lines are at the beginning of the night. If you plan on going through multiple events, be sure to arrive no later than 60 prior to close to ensure you can make it through. Also, the lines are typically shortest during the first couple (or last couple) weekends. Friday’s are usually less busy than Saturdays and the busiest weekends are the 2nd and 3rd weekends of October (NOT Halloween weekend!!).

Yes, we have a full selection of food and drinks to fill your stomach. Hot and cold drinks, meals and snacks, we’ve got it all from fresh caramel apples, mini doughnuts, cheesecake, walking tacos, brats, hot chocolate and many other delicious choices!

Yes, it’s scary. We don’t recommend our haunted houses as a starter haunted house unless the kids understand what they are going through. If the kids are under 12 they can go through with an adult. Keep in mind, being scared is the fun part, but it’s important to understand that you WILL be scared and startled here by loud noises, dark areas, characters coming from all angles, strange sounds, cramped places, and many other unnerving situations…

Each haunted house has a different feel and attack style. We want to make sure that you have a completely different experience as you go through each of our haunted houses. That being said, it’s hard to say which is the scariest or best since it all depends on what scares you. For a general description of each house, look at our Attractions page.

Yes, we use all of these items, as well as loud noises as you come through our place. If you feel that any of these will affect you in adverse ways, please do NOT come through our place.

No, please wait and visit us next season. Although it’d make good PR, we’d hate to have to deliver a baby inside the haunted house, and of course want to make sure that nothing happens to your unborn child.

Wear shoes that you can comfortably stand and walk in. No open toed shoes or heels. It’s a big place, and it’s nice to have your feet on the ground at all times! Also, with all the actors and sets that are bloody and ready for you, make sure that you’re not wearing your favorite clothes and you wouldn’t be devastated to get a stain on them. It’s unlikely, but it can happen.

No, unfortunately the dark environment requires people to be able to navigate through areas and passages that you need full mobility to go through so if you have any of the listed conditions or aren’t in good health, please do NOT come through.

Blackout nights are awesome! The scenic lights in Adrenaline Haunted house are turned off and groups go through the house with only an LED candle in pure darkness! The feeling of the haunted house changes as you are attacked from multiple angles as our characters roam throughout. See schedule for blackout nights, but they are typically the last weekend we are open for the season.

We’re always looking for great people but you must be at least 18. Apply online at our HIRING PAGE.


Please look at our TICKETING POLICIES page for details.

We accept cash, credit, and debit. Checks will not be accepted.

No, all tickets, with the exception of the Spend the night package, can be purchased either online, or on-site at our ticket booth. There is a separate line for Online tickets, however and usually wait times will be reduced by purchasing online.

Yes, if you have unused events on your tickets, you can come back on a different night any time during this season.

When onsite, you must go to one of the Quickpass / Online ticket windows with your order number and name of the person that purchased the tickets and the ticket booth will give you hard copy tickets. Tickets will not be mailed to you.

No, there currently is no requirement to select a specific date and time for ticketing.

Quickpass tickets allow you to skip all of the general admission lines and go to the much shorter quickpass lines instead. Just look for the Quickpass signs to know where to go. There’s a separate (shorter) line for Quickpass tickets as well.

We recommend coming to our location and looking at the admission lines. If it’s busy, you can decide to upgrade or purchase Quickpass tickets, otherwise, just get general admission tickets. Typically, if you are going through multiple events, the Quickpass option can be a great one for those that don’t like waiting in general admission lines. You can also get the Quickpass upgrade after you have purchased your tickets by going back to the Quickpass Ticket window and purchasing the upgrade.

Yes, you can upgrade your tickets at any time. Just proceed to the Quickpass ticket window and they can help you.

Yes, we offer group rates for groups of 20 or more. Prices are typically $5 less than posted as long as one person pays for the entire group, but can vary based on the time, date, and ticket type you purchase. Fill out the e-mail form on this page for more information.

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